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Personal Training with Cody

Personal Training with Cody is a one on one experience that is geared towards your ultimate success regardless of age or fitness level.

Training focuses on all fitness aspects including:

  • Weightloss
  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition
  • Plyometrics
  • Proper Stretching Techniques
  • 24/7 Support

Training Includes:

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About Cody

My name is Cody Campbell and I have a passion for health and fitness. I have had multiple career paths and changes throughout my young adult life and nothing thrills me more than to see people instill their trust in me and basically place their lives in my hands. Helping someone achieve goals they never thought were possible, whether it be jumping onto a box or running for an extended period of time when their doctor told them that was never going to be possible.

I love the outdoors and anything that deals with being outdoors, even if it is just sitting. So chances are if you meet me we will be going outside at some point. I have a very supporting family and wife (Fallon) who have been there for me through all of my crazy career paths including dog sledding in Bend, Oregon for a winter.

I have helped an extensive number of people get through all physical and emotional barriers that come with working out. I have helped elderly clients overcome knee and shoulder pain with proper stretching and strengthening. From weight loss to simply wanting to put a kayak on your car and not having the strength, I can help any age range in any physical condition. To put it simple, I love what I do for my job.

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"I first met Cody in 2013 when a friend recommended him. In this era of weight loss reality shows, I was nervous meeting him. I'd seen so many of these trainers on TV berate and yell at the contestants. I understand that some of it is just for show, but it made me nervous. I've been overweight my entire life, and the LAST thing I needed was someone to berate me- trust me I can do that on my own. So when I met Cody, I was pleasantly surprised. He didn't berate me; he didn't yell at me; what he did do was motivate me and he wouldn't allow me to put myself down either. I would text him when I was having a moment- you know where nothing you do seems to budge the scale? And he'd tell me I was strong- and I believed him. I believed him, until I could believe it for myself. I worked out with him until January 2014 when I left for 10 months on a mission trip… I just came back in November- guess what the first thing I scheduled was? An appointment with Cody of course! I am so grateful to him for his dedication and support. I maintained the nearly 100 pounds I had lost while I was away! I still have a bit more work to do, but I know that I can do it."
- Brenda Redepenning Training for over 2 years

"I needed help staying motivated to exercise and lose weight. 95 pounds and two and a half years later, I'm still working with Cody because he knows how to plan sessions that are challenging and yet doable."
- Chris Schmidt Training for over 3 years

"Having a trainer has changed my body in ways I did not think was possible. I am amazed that with in 6 months I have exceeded my goals, I saw results very quickly. I feel stronger, younger, more agile and limber. I have the body back I had before kids, actually better, It feels so good. Feeling strong in body keeps you strong in mind, I have had hardships to go through and if not for Cody keeping me inspired and motivated, giving me results that I was proud of, I think I would have been a crumpled heap on the floor. Thank you Cody, for pushing me, for your expertise, and your unwavering support."
- Alison Oberman Swift Training for over 2 years

"Cody tailors personal coaching to fit a wide range of physical needs and personal style. Clients and friends thank me for referring them and rave about his kind and firm approach. Personally, I feel stronger and more vital now that Cody's training is a regular part of my life."
- Nancy Feingold Training for over 1 year
"Having a trainer has changed my body in ways I did not think was possible. I am amazed that with in 6 months I have exceeded my goals, I saw results very quickly."

News, Announcements and Resources

How I find my motivation

Mar 3, 2017

Everyone thinks a trainer is completely obsessed with working out and looks forward to it everyday. Truth is, I HATE working out. It sucks! the struggle I find myself having is being in the gym after a long day of training clients and then finding the time to workout myself. A simple trick that works for me to help keep me motivated is I have some clients that would sometimes rather work out with a partner, so i develop a workout that we can do together so that I don't have a choice but to workout.

Another way I find motivation is based on how my body is feeling. It pays to be in tune with your body and when it needs attention in certain areas. I have certain muscles that like to tighten up from time to time so when I start to feel like my body is fighting against me, I focus on certain areas more than others to get my body feeling like it should. Perfect example would be going to my weekly yoga class just to force myself to get some solid stretching in. Sometimes the trainer needs a little motivation just like the rest of you. I just can't let them beat me of course.

What motivates you?

What is the hardest part about my job?

Feb 27, 2017

A potential client asked me the other day what the hardest part of my job was, and i was taken back by this because I have never been put on the spot about that question before. After thinking long and hard I settled on the difficulty to try and get someone who has a very bad relationship with food to change their mindset. It is easy to say "I'll just eat healthy," but that is easier said than done. I have found that there is no set answer to this question and different techniques work for different people.

Another difficult aspect to my job would have to be with the psychology end of things. In being a personal trainer, people tend to open up to you and you build a certain trust with clients that turns into a long term friendship. Sometimes people open up about difficult subjects to talk about and I find myself looking for words of encouragement to help people get through the struggles of life. I tackled this situation in 2 ways. The most important in my mind is to just simply listen to people and not try to solve their problems for them. The second thing I did was become life coach certified, this simply gave me a better understanding of how to communicate with people more effectively and also helped me to stay focused on the the workout I was putting people through rather than just rambling away and getting side tracked.

To all the trainers out there, what are your struggles? Leave me a comment or message me directly if you feel like sharing.

It's Time To Destress!

Oct 21, 2015

Life happens. Stress and anxiety can build up and have a lot of negative influences on our bodies as well as our minds. Stress can prevent you from reaching your goals and put you into a dark place especially in the winter season. Exercise is a great way to help manage stress on an amazing level and here is why:

Exercising releases endorphins which is your “happy hormones” which in turn can help eliminate stress hormones (cortisol) so that your brain and body feel better to tackle the stresses of life. Even a simple 10 minute brisk walk can lead to the release of endorphins. So if you have a pretty stressful job and an extra 10 minutes to spare after lunch, a quick boost of endorphins could help you manage the rest of the day and supply your body with the energy it needs.

Tips and Tricks to Cut Back on Calories When Going Out to Eat

Oct 14, 2015

Going out to eat is tough when trying to eat good. Most restaurants tend to have huge portions causing you to over eat. Here are a few tricks that you can do when going out to eat to cut back on calories.

20 Minute Cardio Fat Burner

Each exercise is performed back to back with no breaks. Break for 1 min after each set and repeat 4 times.

The Daily Ab Routine

Repeat 3 times through with no breaks.

Food Prep

Sept 21, 2015

Food prep is an easy, effective way to eating healthy and staying or getting in shape. There are so many different ways to food prep. Prepared food can be made and thrown right into tupperware for an easy meal that you can grab as you head out the door. Here are some of my favorite combinations of prepared food that I make on Sunday nights right before the work week starts.

The importance of eating and NOT skipping meals!

Sept 10, 2015

So many people think that in order to lose that stubborn fat you have to starve yourself combined with TONS of working out. Doing this actually has more negative side effects than positive. If you exercise a lot and are not giving your body the fuel it needs (food), then your body’s stress horomone called cortisol will rise causing a variety of issues when it comes to losing weight or building muscle. Fatigue in the muscles, sleeplessness, joint and muscle pain, and the ability for the body to heal itself are just some of the issues caused by not giving the body enough food.

Ways to remember to eat:

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